Flow Cytometry Workflow Solutions

Flow Cytometry Workflow Solutions

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Flow Cytometry Workflow Solutions

Flow Cytometry is a technique used for identifying cell populations as well as measuring cell surface and intracellular molecules. Cells are suspended in a buffer and flow single file through an instrument called a flow cytometer, allowing multiple parameters to be collected and measured at a high speed rate. This creates a significant advantage over other antibody techniques due to a large number of cells being analyzed in such short amount of time. Flow Cytometry is used in research for applications such as immunophenotyping, DNA studies, cell cycle analysis, and fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS).

R&D Systems offers a wide range of flow cytometry antibodies and products to fit your cell selection and detection workflow. We have workflow solutions, whether you are:

  • Starting with a mixed cell population and wish to enrich for a specific subset of cells
  • Differentiating and expanding immune cells or stem cells
  • Assembling a flow cytometry antibody panel to detect and define cell populations

We provide a wide range of over 15+ enzymatic and fluorescent conjugate options specifically designed to monitor protein expression. View our complete list of conjugated antibodies.



Cell Selection

Utilize our products to select and enrich for specific cell populations. We offer both negative and positive cell selection products.

T Cell Enrichment Columns
Designed to enrich and purify different T cell populations by negative selection

MagCellect Cell Selection Kits
Magnetic bead-based selection of cell populations offered in both positive and negative selection

Supplemental Cell Selection Reagents & MagCellect Cell Selection Magnet
Additional reagents for cell selection and detection experiments

Cloudz? Cell Selection Kits
Reduced risk of bead contamination with custom cell selection kits

Cell Differentiation

Take advantage of our optimized cytokine combinations and media selection to differentiate your cells.

CellXVivo? Cytokine Cocktails for Differentiation
Optimized reagents for differentiation or expansion of leukocyte populations in culture

Stem Cell Differentiation Kits and Media Supplements
Directed differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into intermediate and terminally differentiated cell types

Cell Culture Products
High-quality and affordable reagents for optimal performance

Cell Culture Media Supplements
Supplements available for laboratory cell lines as well as specialized cells, such as primary neurons and stem cells

Cell Detection

Visualize your cell with our wide wage of cell detection tools.

Flow Cytometry Antibodies
A wide range of unconjugated and conjugated validated primary antibodies for flow cytometry

HLDA Antibodies
Clones used by the HLDA to establish CD designation. The majority developed at R&D Systems

Secondary Antibodies and Antibody Isotype Controls
Find the right flow cytometry secondary antibody and isotype control that correlate to your primary antibody

Multi-Color Flow Cytometry Kits
Simultaneously label cells with multiple fluorescent label antibodies

Flow Cytometry Supplemental Reagents
Staining, fixation, and permeabilization Flow Cytometry buffers

CyTOF-ready Antibodies
Antibodies ready to be conjugated for CyTOF Mass Cytometry analysis

Fluorofinder Tool
Build and design your next flow cytometry panel with Novus Biologicals

Milo? by Protein Simple
A Single-Cell Western platform to measure thousands of cells in a single run

Flow Cytometry Protocols

Protocols created and optimized to stain intracellular or membrane-associated molecules.

Flow Cytometry Staining Protocol for Membrane-associated Proteins
Stain proteins located on the cell surface

Intracellular Staining Flow Cytometry Protocol using Alcohol
Analyze intracellular targets by permeabilizing cells with alcohol

Intracellular Flow Cytometry Protocol using Detergents
View intracellular molecules using detergents for fixation and permeabilization

Propidium Iodide Flow Cytometry Protocol
Determine cell viability with the use of propidium iodide

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